Training Needs Coaching

‘The unconscious mind of man sees correctly even when conscious reason is blind and impotent.’ - Carl Gustav Jung

All training should end in postive results, yet companies can spend thousands of dollars on employee training and development each year but often ends up being waste of time and money. The anticipated changes just don’t materialize. Why is that so?

The reasons include:

The first, and most important reason is that people need to want to do it. If your employees are not happy in their job and are not interested in learning more, then training them is a waste.

Your employees may like their job and want to learn more, but what they think they need to learn may not be what they really need to learn for better results. Often the real skill gap is something that is hidden in their unconscious mind.

Training may provide employees with a new skill, but if they don’t  know why to use that skill, they won’t use it. Change has to come from awareness that manifests itself as a demonstrable capability.

Training to satisfy some regulation also leads to disappointment and a waste of time and money. Many companies provide training so they can check off a box.

Mastering new skills takes application and a supportive environment. If employees are not encouraged to apply their new skills, they will let it go by the wayside.

A Training Needs Coaching Session will uncover the unconscious workings of employees to establish if and what training is really needed! It’s through elicitation and calibration that we can discover the ‘true’ skill gaps of employees!

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